From the Ramblin' Ranger
Pam Darty

Pam Darty has been a Ranger with the Lower Suwannee and Cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuges since 2001. She has had a 23 year career across the country with such places as Great Smokies Nat. Park, Canaveral Nat. Seashore, Harpers Ferry Nat. Historic Site, Cumberland Island Nat. Seashore, Big Cypress Nat. Park, Yellowstone fires of '88, Desoto Nat. Memorial, Lake Mead Nat. Recreation Area, and Santa Monica Mtns. Nat. Park.

She also has been involved in martial arts for 25 years, owning her own school for 5 years.

Pam's areas of professional interest are Interpretation, Environmental Education, connecting people with their heritage, and connecting kids to nature through photography.


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