On The Water
with Captain Doug Maple

Captain Doug Maple has been boating the waters in and around Cedar Key for approximately fifteen years. During this time, he has invested countless hours into learning the myriad of islands, oyster reefs, sand bars and tidal flats from Cedar Key to the Suwannee River.

Over these years he has gained an extensive knowledge of our local birds, animals, plants, marine life and the intricate relationships which they share.

Captain Doug delights in sharing this passion with his guests aboard either of his touring vessels, the Princess Annie or the Megan June. He can usually be found at Tidewater Tours, located at the Cedar Key City Marina or Out On The Water.

For some great bird photos by Steven Deam check here....

The Birds of Cedar Key


Birds on the Water - May 2009

Birds on the Water - September 2009

It's Been a Cooooooooooold Winter - February 2010

Summer in Cedar Key