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One of the best birding
books you'll find anywhere
on the Cedar Key area.
Order direct from the author:

A thorough presentation of the
"Number 4" Hurricane of 1896
that devestated the Cedar Keys.
Chapter 1 is also a very good history
of Cedar Key. ISBN #978.159629.612.1

Detailed descriptions, maps
and GPS coordinates of 16 kayak
day trips in the Big Bend area
of Florida. Download FREE or
purchase at www.hiddencoast.net

by Rita Baker

by Eva Marie Everson

In this concise and stimulating book, Toni Collins has opened up a whole new chapter in the history of the Cedar Keys. Without the lighthouse, few ships could safely find their way and likewise, without Ms. Collins' accurate account of this lighthouse, few can find their way into the heart of Cedar Keys' history. This book is a "must read" for all interested in the fascinating story of this fabled area.

Illustrated history of Cedar Key. An excellent history.
ISBN# 1-4276-0897-0
The only documented account of true piracy in the Cayman Islands was in 1922 on the Juana Mercedes, where the Captain was murdered and two orphaned "boys" went overboard and were left for dead. One of the orphaned boys, is the Grandfather of the author. The historical aspects of the novel, combined with mystery, murder and revenge, make this a very compelling read by first time novelist Jack Scott. www.caymancross.com

A novel about a forensic psychologist by a forensic psychologist




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